3d concept art & leaflet

Project details
SWIRL Faucet Concept
Few years ago, I was looking at some images, I guess it was a magazine about interior design and I was inspired by a faucet image. I had an idea how to improve the design and I did a few rough drawings. 
Finally, I took that idea and created the 3D model and leaflet mockup. 
What do you think, is it a hit or a flob?
Benefits & Use Cases
Creating final quality concept art before the production of a real product can be great for running consumer studies.
For example: a company could do 3-10 different designs or color variations and run a test with their potential client group. This kind of a test could help the company to see which design would be the most appealing, which in turn would help them in their decision-making process and help to maximize the sales for the new product.

If you are interested in having images or real-time experiences of your products let's get it touch!
Faucet Design: Micah Ishikawa
3d, Compositing & Layout design: Micah Ishikawa
Photos: Licensed Stock Images (1 st page wall texture & 2nd page photos)
Project feedback: Akemi

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