(Screenshot from development environment using a wider lens than in the final real-time experience)

Project details
During the years I have had the chance to work on several automotive real-time content projects. I wanted to do a configurator demo that could show the quality that can be achieved and also some of the possibilities for the interactivity.
Configurators are a great tool to allow potential clients to customize the product and move toward their preferred look and feel. It moves the client away from the quick Like / Dislike mentality and allows them the possibility to explore your product further and potentially discover a look that they really enjoy.     
The current sample allows the viewer to freely rotate the camera around the car and to zoom closer or further from it. The ribbon below the car allows the user to change the paint color and also to do a "material" switch to the wheels.

The sample also has a possibility to capture a high-quality screen shot by pressing "P" on the keyboard. Feature like this can be great tool in a real automotive configurator since it would allow a potential client to save a "photo" of the car with their preferred options and colors.

Possible future work
With additional work it would also be possible to extend the configurator to include some animated interactivity such as door open/close animations and a possibility to view the interior as well.
Project Credits
Content Development & Design: Micah Ishikawa
Project feedback: Joona Kallio
3D Car: Licensed Stock Model

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“Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2022, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.”

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