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About inplace.design
In place design is a creative studio focusing on image production using 3d, Photography and Photo retouching techniques.

We want to create beautiful images that are remembered! The images can be used on Websites, Flagship Stores and Social Media. 

For project inquiries,
please contact us here. 
The Idea
​​​​​I think it was back in 2017 when we started to play around the idea of starting a Design Visualization and a Brand Consulting Agency.

The idea was to provide beautiful, creative, images and brand consulting.

The business idea lay low for a few years, but I started to work on it back in 2021 focusing on the Design Visualization / Product Image creation.

Today we can provide creative work for various industries such as automotive, electronics and luxury goods.
About Micah Ishikawa
I am originally from Finland, but I have lived about half my life in Japan. I love design, photography and 3d visualization.

After moving to Japan, I worked in 3D animation. I have worked in various projects that have been released in Paris, Sydney, New York and Tokyo motor shows.

Apart from animation, I have long experience in material and shader development for industrial designers, international business, team leading and 3d asset development.

Let's get in touch! You can find me at LinkedIn:

Micah Ishikawa | LinkedIn
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