Privacy Policy
Updated: 2022 August 1st
Your Privacy is important to us. In this privacy policy we outline how we collect and use information and how to contact us if you have privacy related questions.
1 The information we collect
We collect several types of information such as:
A. The information that you provide to us.
You may send us questions, feedback, contact requests or other information by various means such as email, phone or through our contact form.

This may include your name, email, mailing address or other way to contact you, your time zone and any other information you provide.
If you order a product or a service from us we also may need other information such as your name, address, phone number, bank account or credit card information.

B. Information that we collect automatically
The internet servers we use, may collect statistical and other information that cannot be linked to you personally such as: the number of visitors to our website, how long a visit lasted, the approximate geological location based on your IP address, the browser, operative system, and computer type that was used (such as if it was a computer or a mobile device). 
Our website is currently hosted by Adobe and if you have an account with them it may be possible for them to use cookies or other tracking technologies to understand that you visited our website. 
C. Information collected through the 3d Experiences we provide
When we deliver 3D Experiences or have a WebGL based 3D Experience on our website, we use industry standard game engines such as Unreal Engine from Epic Games and Unity.
These game engines may automatically collect usage information such as how many people used the 3D Experience, device used and wide range of other types of information. By using the 3D Experiences you consent to such collection of information. This information is not collected by us and we do not use the information but the information is collected by the developer of the game engine. 
For more information please see the privacy policies of Unity and Unreal Engine.
2. Why and How do we use the collected information
The information that you provide to us.
The information that you provide may be used to contact you in response to your inquiry such as to arrange a meeting or send you a price quote or an invoice for a service you have ordered.
If the information you provided includes feedback or suggestion, it may be used for any business purpose, in any country, without compensation to you. For example it may be used to improve or create a product, service or a business. 
The Information that we collect automatically
The information that we collect automatically (to the best of our understanding) can not be used to identify you personally. This information may be used for statistical and analytical purposes to improve our website and services. 
3. Where do we store information
Our team is currently located in Japan and in Finland and our website service provider is a company located in the USA. Due to this your information may be stored in several locations globally (also outside the mentioned 3 countries) and outside the country where you reside.
4. How do we protect information 
We use technical and physical protection methods such as: Our offices are locked, Our website uses industry standard SSL encryption, our PCs and mobile devices are password protected and we try to use up to date virus protection software on our workstations.
While we try to use reasonable care to protect information, pcs, servers and internet communication methods such as emails are not 100% secure and we cannot guarantee that the information is not leaked or compromised.  If there is information that you want to keep 100% secure, please do not share such information with us.
5. How do we share information
We do not sell personal information, however we may share it with our team, advisors (such as outsourced legal or financial counsel) and subcontractors.
We may also share information if we believe it is important to be shared for protection us, you or a third party from harm. We also may share information based on an official or legal request or inquiry.
6. Your rights
You may have the rights to inquire, correct, transfer and request deletion of the data we have related to you.
If you would like to use some of these rights please contact us using the contact form.
We may request additional documents for verifying your identity before we take any action related to your personal information. 
Even if you request the deletion of your data we may need to keep it for several years due to regulatory or legal reasons. For example in Japan bookkeeping and financial information must be kept for 7 to 10 years.
7. Feedback

7.1 You may choose to provide us feedback such as suggestions regarding the 3D Experience, our website, images or other content developed or licensed by us.  You give us a world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use such feedback in any way and for any purpose (including but not limited to commercial purposes) completely free of charge and without any payment or royalties to you or any third party. 
7.2 For any feedback that you provide, you warrant that you have the right to give the above rights to us.

8. Updates
We may update this privacy policy from time to time due to legal, regulatory, or business reasons. Please review it periodically. Your usage of our website (except for checking this privacy policy page), content and or services after the update is considered your consent and agreement to the new terms.
9. How to contact us
You may contact us by the contact form here.
To review our Terms of Use (for 3d Experiences), please click here

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